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Integrated Accounting

Benefits to Integrating Your Accounting Software (like QuickBooks) with your Processing.

Save Time & Money

  • No more redundant entries to vendor and customer information
  • Payments are recorded in detail automatically separating out sales tax from the cost of goods making it easier than ever to issue sales tax payments
  • Instantly update Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Accounts Payable and Customer Deposits in real time
  • Every time you run a transaction, the accounting software will receive the information and records will be automatically updated…No more manually inputting general ledger account entries on a daily basis!

Integrate your account software now to save
valuable time.

“Mr. Wagner's price points have always been aggressive but mostly I choose to do business with Mr. Wagner and GO DIRECT because I know I can count on them. Timeliness, clear and concise communication, fair prices and integrity are cornerstones of GO DIRECT and Scott Wagner. I am happy to say I endorse GO DIRECT and Scott Wagner. There are a lot of companies and individuals that make many claims in the Merchant Services world I know Mr. Wagner can back his up!”

- S. Spillman (Bank president)